Does ritalin lose potency out of its pack?

Just a quick question.

So I am prescribed 20mg, four times a day of methylphenidate. I have only ever got it in medikinet and tranquilyn brands. They come in blister packs, tablet form.

I was wondering, as I find it awkward taking out packs in classes, college and at work would it be possible to keep them loose in a tin, tic tac container, mint box? I’m worried that they will lose potency or go bad. I was thinking of putting a weeks in at a time but if it isn’t a problem I will just put the whole months in. I am aware that they are a controlled drug and I will also carry a prescription box with my name on it.

Thank you in advance.

Although I am not a pharmacist I do know that two things greatly affect meds potency/effectiveness: heat and humidity. If you take the Ritalin out of the blister pack for only one week at a time I should be OK if it is not subjected to higher than room temperatures or higher than usual humid conditions. For humidity issue you can put some dry rice in the container with he opened medication and the rice will absorb humidity as those small plastic or cylindrical desiccant packs that you find in many medication bottles.

Hi! I am a nurse and got diagnosed at age 51 while in nursing school. I would keep it in a pill bottle for safety reasons. Make sure that you keep your script with you to cover you ass.

Chamakay, I keep some in a prescription bottle in my car, and a police officer once matched the label with my ID. Good to know. I don't think they lose potency, mine are okay but I only store < 10 tabs at a time.

A mint box isn't childproof. Ask the pharmacy for a childproof bottle, even if you aren't around kids, in case you misplace it. It can happen. Personally, carrying month's worth sounds risky. I'd be afraid I'd spill them or something :)

Thank you for the advice. I’ve decided to keep just a few days at a time with my name inside.