hey people , i was diagnosed with adhd and my doctor prescribed me ritalin10mg . i saw a variety of effects and side effects on web , but i would like to know the real experience . please help!

rishikesh, ritalin affects people in a variety of ways. Even if others share their experience, it may not be the same as your experience. Weighing your own risk/benefits works best. How badly do you feel you need the medication? What other options have you tried?

Ritalin (methylphenidate) may be the oldest stimulant medication prescribed today, so side effects and benefits are well documented. Some newer meds are basically ritalin but the molecules are slightly different, and released differently in capsule form, etc. Rishkesh, if your doctor believes you'll benefit from this medication and you are looking for help with ADD/ADHD symptoms, it's still normal to be anxious about it. You can ask your doc for a simple medication log or make one yourself or make an electronic record, just a place to put notes and time med is taken. If you keep a log one week BEFORE taking the medication, you might get baseline info like when you might experience stress, or when you feel most focused on your work.

Are you comfortable talking to your doctor? Do you have a therapist, too? If you elect to take medication it's important to keep your doctor informed and to feel comfortable asking questions at any time during your treatment.Your health is important, meds or no meds. :)