Does anyone else find Christmas lights very distracting when you drive? what do you do to keep focused if possible?

Are they distracting because you want to stop and look at them, Tara? If so, just pull over and take a look, if you can, and if there is no opportunity to do so, just tell yourself "no, I will have someone else chauffeur me when I want to look at these." However, if you are involuntarily distracted, and feel more like the lights are intruding into your field of vision without your having any conscious desire to look at them, it might be sensory processing disorder, which can often accompany ADHD: http://spdfoundation.net/about-sensory-processing-disorder.html

I haven't been very distracted by lights, just a little. I like the idea of pulling over to stop at a nice display. It's one way to remember that I don't have to rush all the time.

Tara, I kept thinking about your post! I do remember being distracted by Christmas lights, but a long time ago. I just realized that for a number of years I've taken methylphenidate when I drive, either because I'm already medicated during the day or I add doses if I'm driving at other times, like at night. I also have narcolepsy, you see. The medication keeps me focused as well as awake, which must be why I haven't been as bothered by distractions while driving. If you can take medication in the evening you might notice it helps :). Sorry it took me awhile to think this through! Happy new year!

Massively! I just ignore them, look at my own christmas tree once home x