Dinner time!

Does anyone else have a problem when it comes time to sit and eat. My 5yr old boy starts to cry, breaths heavy and says he has a sore stomach. which I think is the anxiety playing its role but was wondering what techniques you all use to make it more pleasant and get him to be able to sit and eat without the big work up. Ive also tried allowing him to bring a toy to the dinner table which seems to work for around 5 minutes until he gets bored of it and leaves the table to go play again without finishing his meal. Oh and I have to hand feed him while his playing with the toy otherwise he will get to carried away with playing and not touch the food so its really a distraction which works in a lot of other things for me too but I cant keep hand feeding him as he starts primary school next year and I wont be there with him. :(

My son (8) has trouble eating without getting side tracked. I need to turn off all distractions and give him either a ‘pick plate’ of all different foods or i make a picture/ artwork with his dinner. Like the dino nuggets with broccolini trees and corn sand… not sure if that helps?!

When my son was younger we made a game of eating… you are a giant eating the forest (broccoli) kind of thing. I also had to make everything nutrient dense so whatever he did eat was a “super food” (ie carrots thru the food processor and added to spaghetti sauce).
Will he graze throughout the day so actually eating isn’t an issue at dinner time?