Celebrating Traditions

I love that our BF ADD/ADHD group has members all over the world and that together we have the opportunity to support each other. We come from many backgrounds, some with a religious faith, some not, with families who can be multi-faith, multi-cultural, and both.

As a person with health challenges I know that energy can be limited or resources scarce during holidays. Family members can be grumpy. We can experience sadness, too, and can benefit from a kind word or understanding from others. Here I witness the human spirit and all its determination. I see our members expressing warmth and generosity year 'round and it's heartening. <3

I invite you to share a favorite tradition, an example of kindness, a personal experience, or an inspiring event or post (yes, even from the media).I would like to know what we will choose to celebrate now and in the coming year, so I can do that with you. :) Best wishes!

My sisters and I gathered this month to look after my dad after his back surgery. He's still recovering and doing better daily. Christmas came during this time so we got a ride for Dad and met at my sister's house for brunch. I like to bring a small gift for everyone (last year I wrapped 12 chocolate bars). This time I searched my dad's small storage locker for "surprises". He and I gave four small cookbooks, two bells, a VHS of bedtime stories, my mom's diploma from nursing school, a few empty frames, and for Dad a college football book that he didn't remember receiving before. It was fun. So one of my traditions during holidays is wrapping little presents to share. Our focus has become sharing special family time with Dad as he ages.

I’m still getting accustomed to how the page looks and how the comments work. My son is 5 and he started on lamictal and it was horrible!! I stopped his meds 1 week ago now. He started becoming even MORE depressed. Crying all the time for small things. I’ve tried adderal IR 10mg and it seemed like it didn’t do anything, neither good nor bad. I personally take vyvanse lexapro. Do you think it would be worth asking to give him something similar?

We have been gathering at my mother's house for the past 10 years or so. It is close to where my grandmother is and she is 'sprung' for Christmas dinner. Every year we fear it will be the last Christmas with Grandma - she is 98 now - and she just keeps going! We have a tradition of a Christmas 'pie'. The centerpiece of each table is filled with small wrapped gifts - each with a ribbon attaching it to a name tag at each person's seat. After dinner, each person pulls the string attached to their name and gets a small token gift.

I think we started a new tradition this year - we have a hole over the fireplace where the ceiling meets the wall. It is the result of a leak we cannot find and refuse to close up until the issue is resolved. It looks so miserable beside the beautiful tree and decorations, that this year, I grabbed one of my rain boots and sewed a red and white Santa leg. We stapled it to the wall so it looks like Santa's leg accidentally broke through the chimney. Everyone got such a laugh out of it, I think we now have a new tradition...

We once had a hole in the same place for the same reason. Almost wish we hadn't patched it.... :)