Be Kind To Yourself

I know adhd is a struggle, sometimes more than others. It breaks my heart many feel alone, sad, or misunderstood within it. This is my poem to you as we often forget the best in ourselves, which isn't fair or warranted.

Be Kind To Yourself

Remember a gentleness that lent an eye

to beauty

and a softness that lent a heart

to feel

Be kind to your senses,

bridle the view and task the tongue

to share it as only you can

gift another with the wonderment

of your uniqueness

that is branded by courage

to explore the depths

and brave the seasons

Remember an awe that lent an ear

to symphonies

and a love that lent a heart

to heal

Be kind to yourself

and travel the greatness of this world

as it calls for your senses

in companionship


TLM 2015

Lostgirl, I love your poem. Yes, it touches my heart. Thank you!

Thanks Artfish. I wrote it especially for the people here after reading some posts that tugged at my heart. I feel that our authentic voices through these struggles travel deeper and is far more expansive in affect. The poetry of people speaks the endearing commonalities of vulnerability and need for validation, understanding, love, hope, and acceptance. May we merge into that kindness together understanding the significance of our lives through all of our experiences. Freedom of exploration, discovery, growth and deeper relationships replaces judging. What a wonderful message that is often lost on the lips of those who do not truly understand adhd. But for those of us who do, we see the extraordinary depths in one another. That is our gift on this flourishing path and one to share with those who are unaware of the tremendous courage and beauty within themselves.

“Freedom of exploration, discovery, growth and deeper relationships replaces judging”. That would be a dream come true, a gift to give ourselves on a regular basis. You are an inspiration! Trying hard to do things that are difficult for me is okay but only balanced with times for expression and joy. I need to be reminded - how could I forget? :slight_smile:
Thanks and have a great day!

Love your poem lost girl!!

Lovely poem! This is so positive and inspiring, no matter what we may have come our way! Thanks a thousand for this!

Lostgirl~beautiful. You're very talented.

Tracey, SK, adhdgrowup,

Thank you. It makes it all worthwhile to hear your comments and becomes an encouragement to me as well.