Am i add

yes i am ADD and just got back on my medications last week or I wouldn't beable to accomplish THIS. It took alot of medications to get to the right one.

Someone had asked Is there child ADD.I'm not a DR.but they went back in my childhood. peeing the bed?don't know if that had anything to do with it,couldn't complete or understand schoolwork.I couldn't and had never read a book.Scattered from doing one thing to another withou completing anything.Interrupting conversations but thats kids.Its a start for me.I hope I answered some questions.I am computer illiterate and am having some problems finding the right area in this site. But got there

Thanks for clarifying. And you did fine finding how to comment back to me!
If you have questions or need tips, please ask me.
Most of our conversations take place in Discussions. Click on Discussions and read a little. You’ll notice a box on each Discussion where members add a comment related to that discussion. When you’re ready go ahead and do that.
Near the top of the Discussions page there’s a place on the right that says “Add+”. When you are ready to start a discussion of your own, click that and a box will pop up. There’s a place to enter a Title for it, and an area to ask your question, introduce a topic, or introduce yourself!

Nicole, I’m sending you a Friend request so you can ask me more questions about how to use the site.

Thanks ArtFish you’ve been a great help. Add can be such a struggle ,.i would like to know where or if I put duo diagnosis or go to two sites. I find I don’t get out enough or talk to
Other ADD.but it’s spring a day at a time

There isn't a group at Ben's Friends for Scoliosis, but you could go to the main page and post your interest in starting a group. If people respond with interest you might be able to start one.