After all these years

I was diagnosed many years ago with ADD. I was treated very successfully with Ritalin and behavior modification techniques. Due to development of tardiv diskinesia from a different medication following cancer treatment five years ago, I could no longer take Ritalin. I have managed pretty well until lately. Now it feels as if I'm always looking for something! Right now I can't find my brand new, very expensive, prescription computer glasses. When I went to send a text asking others to keep an eye out for them, I realize I've left my phone somewhere. Thank goodness for "find my iphone." I'm driving myself bonkers and also the people who love and support me. I know I need to get focused and put in place a strategy to keep track of things, just wanted to vent to those who understand! Thanks for listening. Any suggestions for how to keep track of things.

Hi, forgetfulgrandma, this article may have a few handy tips for you:

I hope our members will weigh in with their strategies, too.

It's always good to find the humor in it all too :)

I always recommend using the elimination diet/program which is most helpful for various family members in my house and with many pts. I see who present for problems often related to ADD/ADHD. It is simply using natural foods that do not contain artifical preservatives, colors and foods high in salicylate such as raisens/grapes, ginger, excessive amounts of fruit/juices, bell peppers and mint type flavorings such as mint, wintergreen, etc. This diet is what I recommend to be tried first any way and it has no counterindication relative to medications or other health conditions. Hope you give it a try.

When my son’s meds ware off later in the evening I sometimes give him magnesium. For him it seems to help him focus as if he’s medicated again.

how much?

Grandma, seek your doctors' approval before adding supplements, as they can cause problems with certain health conditions. Particularly if you take other medications.