Adult ADHD assessment in UK - Any recommendations please?

My wife needs an adult ADHD assessment. NHS waitng lists are long so I am looking at private options. This is going to need us to hand over quite a lot of money, so I want to get it right. Has anyone here been through a private assessment in UK? Who did you use?
Thank you!

Hey Jam1,
Unfortunately, I’m in Australia and my knowledge of the UK health system is very little. In saying that I have found some information which maybe useful. Often networking with one agency can open accesses to other services which may assist. At times trying to sort out which services are most appropriate can be a challenge, some service providers maybe able to assist with this.

Here are a couple of links that may be useful:
Diagnosis Pathways | ADHD UK
ADHD - Online Consultations - Psychiatry-UK

Hope it helps
Merl from the Modsupport Team