Adhd and migraines

Are migraine headaches part of ADHD? Does anyone else suffer from this? I seem to get them frequently.

Not that I have heard of and not run across.

Have you reduced caffinated drinks - coffee, coke, etc ? You can get a nasty headache when stopping or reducing caffine.

Stress can do this and since ADHD can lead t stress you might have a stress headache rather than it be specifically caused by ADHD.

Then there are various medical conditions. If after a few days to a week (depending on how bad they are) you might want to see a doctor.

Headaches and migraines can be really all-consuming. Hope my comments might help you. Hang in there.

Hi Jazzie,

I've had migraines for years. Dr. Marc mentioned stress. Stress can trigger headaches and migraines and can make a headache worse if you've got one already. Learning to manage stress is an incredibly important skill to learn.

I've only heard headaches and ADD/ADHD mentioned together once. I'll find that book and look for the passage...

I get migraine headaches a lot. Mine aren't necessarily caused by ADHD, but stress. I just reduced my stress and the migraines have dissipated to where I don't hardly get them any more. Plus I am taking medication to prevent them, Propranolol 120mg 2x/day. I have always thought that my migraines were caused by ADHD, although I wouldn't put it passed it though.