ADD coach vs counsellor

hi all, I am wondering if there is a difference between an ADD coach vs counsellor., and if so, how do you choose one vs the other ? also looking for recommendations for the above and a psychiatrist qualifed to treat folks with ADD who also have some anxiety/OCD issues, Boston area. thanks in advance for any suggestions!


good question!

Most if not all states require a license to do couseling or psychotherapy and there might be a few states that license coachs (non-athletic). The term coach is implying a lesser standard of care and knowledge and avoiding licensing issues. A coach would never be permitted to make a diagnosis.

Concerning use of meds vs elimination diet - have you heard of managing ADD/ADHD by eliminating various things from the diet? If this issue has been addressed already in this forum (I hope so) I would appreciate directing me to it as I whole heartedly promote that approach before meds or in conjunction with meds.

good question Marc. If it hasn't been addressed, you can start a new Discussion group with that title and then people are more likely to find it and answer it.

The difference between an ADHD Coach and a Counselor is that the specialist trained coach looks at the situation now with a client and works out - with the client - what steps should s/he take in the future to do things differently, while a counselor focuses on the symptoms and with psychological tools tries to reduce these. If a person has anxiety that is disturbing his/her life badly - as well as ADHD - , the counselor/psychologist is needed to address this, while an ADHD coach might still work on organization and planning, following through, time management, self esteem and such issues, acting as a “cheerleader” for the person and bringing as much positivity into that person’s life as possible. Neither can diagnose ADHD or prescribe medication. However, a properly trained ADHD Coach would be able to help manage any issues the person is having with the ADHD medication.