Hi. I am new here from South Africa. My son has not been diagnosed yet but I felt a need to read up on ADD?ADHD and actually hear what other parents are experiencing. Seeing a psychologist in a few weeks. My son has had his fair share of play therapy and occupational therapy and now as the sort of 'last' resort, we are seeing a psychologist. Wish me luck.

Hi KMom, I'm assuming that your son has been in therapy because you are seeing some of the symptoms of ADHD? The psychologist will be able to diagnose your son by observing him and getting feedback from other adults who interact with him on a regular basis. In some cases, diagnosing and developing a treatment plan can take some time. I think of it as a journey and visiting the psychologist is simply the next step for you and your son. I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you so much and you are correct, that is why he has been in therapy.

Thank you.


Welcome KMom! I am glad you are trying to educate yourself. I grew up in an ADHD home (Mom, brother) that absolutely did not believe in any sort of intervention besides discipline and hard physical exercise. My son now has ADD (without the hyperactive component) and this approach was totally ALL WRONG for him.

I just want you to remember that you are your child's best resource! Listen to the doctors, psychologists, therapists. Read as much as you can, but YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD BEST. If you decide to go down the medication route, then don't be afraid to say "this isn't working" after a reasonable amount of time. There are dozens of meds, and they all effect everyone differently and are not based on age/weight parameters. Don't be afraid to try all sorts of things, but don't be afraid to end anything that you feel isn't in your child's best interest.

Welcome to the journey!

Hi KMom,

How's it going with the psychologist?