A PhD student is looking for a few interviews

A PhD student contacted us on Facebook with a request, and we are passing it along to anyone who is interested:

My name is Carla and I am currently studying a postgraduate degree and was wondering whether anyone would like to participate in my research. I am looking for 6 people to interview in total. My research is about how ADHD is portrayed in the media and within society, but more importantly how families (you) would like ADHD to be portrayed. I hope to have my research published and to depict a true image of ADHD from real family experiences. If anyone would like to participate let me know and I will email you an information sheet and consent form.

If you wish to contact Carla, you may reach her at CarlaJones92@hotmail.com .

We email her … thanks!

I’m in:) I emailed her!

I emailed her also.

Hi there, what a great idea!!! I am willing to assist or participate. My 15 year old son has ADHD and we definitely don't have it easy.

Kind regards


I'm sure Carla will appreciate it, Moms. I can also ask her to share her findings with the group later on.

I emailed her :slight_smile: