Worry about my son taking Ritalin/long term

When my son started complaining of brain fog in 9th grade, I thought he was exaggerating because he got some bad grades. His doctor recommended cognitive testing, physiologist sent us to psychiatrist who diagnosed him in 5 min with ADD. Then she wanted to start him on Ritalin which I was against. Anyway we started Ritalin and in 2 weeks of school he’s had almost all %100 on everything he has done. So I get it, but I am so worried about the long term effects of Ritalin on a growing brain. Not to mention I hate him feeling like he needs a med to keep up with his friends. I rather him work his rear end off and be a C student and learn the power of overcoming obstacles. Any thoughts

For what it’s worth I was in the same situation when I was diagnosed (25-ish years ago). I can’t say anything about the long-term effects except “I turned out well”.

Started on Ritalin (10mg) and things were much better immediately. All of a sudden I could concentrate when I wanted to!

As a parent I completely understand this thought. What I found was for me it ‘took the edge off’ and let me focus on learning techniques to manage it. I still needed to overcome obstacles, but the medicine helped me to be on an even footing.