Trying to seek other successful patients of strattera and tenex mixture

I’m new here, so hello! This is really awesome that there are people out there that know that parenting an kid with ADHD or having it yourself is much easier when you know your not alone. So thanks for this!! I’m a young mother of two. One is almost 7 and one is 18 months. Both girls. (Pray for me):blush: lol. Anyhow, my 6 year old is currently on strattera and tenex. She hasn’t gained even a half of a pound in 3 or more months. I’m starting to get worried, but they say not to. The Dr. Says she doesn’t think meds are hurting the weight. I also wonder if she is just hitting a growth spurt where she’s slowing down. She’s very tall and skinny. And high metabolism. She can eat all day and not gain any weight. Which is a good thing as long as she’s healthy. But I’m just worried about her lately. She’s been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. I didn’t want to medicate this young, but due to many times of the teachers unable to handle her, it was to the point of her safety. She was hitting,punching,kicking, throwing teachers cell phones ,and making them chase her. The breaking point was she ran off school campus. Almost crossed a very busy road. I had to do something. I don’t have much support because my mom doesn’t really believe in medicine or even that ADHD is real. I know , I know. Trust me. The medicine has helped her do a complete 360! She’s not perfect but much better. She’s tolerable. Still has not stop energy but she can focus. Her grades are great. I’m overall very satisfied with the outcome of medicating her now. Her father has ADHD and my mother has OCD and ADD. So it’s hard to tell where she got it. She may not have even inherited it. Who knows. Just looking to chat a bit and learn some new stuff. Figure out better ways to manage discipline that are successful for kids with ADHD. Different outlooks and opinions. Thanks for reading and looking forward to any responses! Good day to you all!

Hi! I’m new here too. But it seems as if you posted in November of 19. Have you gotten any replies since then?? Now that the world has “changed” how is your daughter adapting? I have ADHD and my son does too, although he is 25 now, I still remember how he was when he was in school. Is she able to go to a support group for children her age?? I’m not sure about them, but I would bet there are some and you could attend too. I don’t want to say too much, because I don’t know if you got any replies. LMK
Take good care

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