Therapy for son with adhd

So this is my first post I am hoping I can get help from others going through the same things as our family. My 7 year old has Q22 deletion and adhd. We are having a very hard time trying to get him to behave at home. He is destructive and very impulsive. It is like he does not understand consequences for his actions and he can not answer why he misbehaves. For instance when he gets mad at a game on his ipod he slams it down the last time so hard it shattered the glass. He throws rocks at his brother, he picks all of my flowers, he is spitting, he runs out in the road even in front of cars as if he does not see them. If I tell him not to do something he ignores me and says no. He is on medication in school and is well behaved there but when he gets home and on weekends it is a whole other story. I feel like he is just getting worse as he gets older and we are all suffering. The doctor who diagnosed him doesnt offer treatments the doctor who prescribes his medicine does not either. We have been told he needs to see a therapist so we can be taught how to control his temper and methods to correct his behavior yet I can not find anyone.

Sadly but true, in the house you have to be with them a little more direct get a consequence live him all day in his room and take away something that is very important to him and not let him used it until he wins it, at list with my daughter not behaving well at home lately it has worked, she is also very into rewards do it at home and choose a certain amount of points he can win, it has worked for us lately, and yes you have to find a behavior therapist for him like my daughter has she is great at helping us with Vicky

Sorry about the 22Q Syndrome whch has a fair chance of being related to the underlying issue with your son. But the bigger issue has a much more positive potential. If your son is OK in his behavior in one situation and not another (OK in school but not at home) then it would appear that the strong implication is that the manner in which things are dealt with at home is what needs attention - not medicine and not other things.

I would think that both parents and son should see a child clinical psychologist and take it from there.

Hi Sherri, I'm from out of state so all I can suggest is that you contact Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, and University of Wisconsin Behavioral Pediatrics for help finding a therapist in your area. I looked at a map and I hope you can find a child and adolescent psychologist near you but decide how far is reasonable for you to travel and let the hospital staff know that, plus the information you gave us above. Let us know what you find out.