The struggle with school

When it comes to school I learn the subject fairly easy when i am in my medication. To the extent that my peers come to me for help to learn it. However when i go to do the test of projects… Nothing it’s as it I had no idea what i learned. It’s a frustrating feeling knowing what you need to know and but not being able to apply it, especially when the friends you helped understand get a high grade then you do and come to you after saying if it was not for you I would of failed. It so damn frustrating not being able to show what you know.
I’m starting to think what is the point of working so hard to learn if it won’t have any effect in my performance.

Curtis, do you learn some subjects easier than others? Math and foreign languages take extra hours of practice for me and I can still get poor results.

I hear you on that. Keep up the determination and studying.
For me math yeah, but it’s in the sense that i am very very slow but good. And foreign language more like any languages sadly I have a hard time with.
Literally evrything takes an long time because my thought get mixed up by the time it takes to wright the word. Oraly is tje best tho their i can really amserw

Are you in college yet, Curtis? Have you ever needed accommodations or special education services in school?

Please try my technique THT. You can learn it on my fb page there are instructions and videos. I had a student tell me that she used it for stage fright before a speech. It helped her to be able to give her speech, as before, she was too afraid to.