My name is Shakira am the mom of two beautiful kids,Aleck 7 and Shaeliz 5 we are from puerto Rico.

We recently had Aleck diagnosed with ADHD in may and sincerly it has been a very rough time for us since school started we are having a lot of academic issues and truly I know Aleck is super smart and he is a very sweet kid,he doesnt get into trouble and he loves to have a lot of friend,but in school his grades went down, he use to have all As,and know we are having more very scare and frustrated.We been trying some technics at home to study,but I dont think is enough.We recently visited a neurologist and we are waiting for results,and have psycologist appoinments cooming up.

Am very confused with terapist vs meds,am not very happy with the issue of giving my 7yr old kid any type of meds.But i really need something that can help him,he deserves the help and to do the excellent work he always does.

Please advised,any help and support will be very appreciated.

Thank u


Welcome Shakira!

I was very much like you, in that I did NOT want to medicate my child. It went against everything I had been raised to believe. However, my pediatrician sat me down and gave me the best advice I have ever gotten. He said that he sees parents who have children with severe ADHD who refuse to medicate, and while that is their choice, it breaks his heart. He also sees children who have no issues and the parents are demanding that he medicate them rather than deal with some minor behavioral issues, and it breaks his heart. I was at the end of my rope! We tried behavioral modification, diet modification, supplements, you name it. The decision to medicate or not is so very hard, but I have to say that it was not anything like the nightmare I envisioned. Finding the right medication, right dosage was a struggle, but I would never go back! We continued with behavioral modification and diet modification while on the meds and the results have been wonderful. We are also starting working memory therapy (will have to let you know on that one). My son has been on meds 4 years now, and while his grades aren't great, he is passing all on his own (6th grade).

No matter what you decide to do, the path isn't easy. Consider a 504 to help him in school.

REMEMBER! You know your child best! Whatever you decide to do is the best decision for your family and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!! And don't be afraid to change your mind. If something isn't working after a reasonable amount of time, move on!

Good luck!


Good Morning,

Thank u all for all your support is been wonderful,knowing that someone knows what am going through, definetly will continue to look for ways to make to most of my sons abilities...he deserves all I can do for him.

Thank u again,

Hope u all have a wonderful day.


Hi Shakira, and welcome to the group!
Thanks for your post. My own son started medication trials when he was about 7. He has been taking college courses now and his grades have improved over time. He takes medication now and manages it, and his time, quite well. He’s always enjoyed school but hasn’t always had good grades. Some years were tougher than others.
I echo the comment that you know your son best. staying in tune with his interests and successes helps him realize his strengths. As a mom, you can love your kids every day for exactly who they are, and remain constant as they grow and change. I love that part!
I wish you well during the medication decision time.