Should children have an ADHD Drug holiday?


I'd appreciate your experiences and views on this topic.

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Hello, my son is now 21 and was diagnosed with ADD when he was 14, so a very late diagnosis mainly because I wasn’t listened too, he has predominantly inattentive and impulsive type. He chose to start medication as I felt he was old enough to make that decision himself. He always had a medication break during the school holidays, mainly because he didn’t like feeling nauseous. This didn’t affect the family in any adverse way, we would just adapt back to being more tolerant of his inattention, although I was often concerned that his impulsiveness would get him in to trouble when he was out with his friends, but that never happened I’m pleased to say. He chose to stop taking the medication when he finished his school exams.
I do think this is a very personal family choice, and no one knows their child better than you. Some kids can be distressed by reverting back to their previous behaviours, some not. It just a case of weighing up the pros and cons.