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Jem, just a friendly reminder that supplements should also be run by your son's pediatrician. Supplements are largely unregulated, and their quality is uncertain. Also, because of absorption, a diet high in the desired nutrients will be more effective than supplements.

With the issues you describe, I'm not sure there is a solution in a bottle. Is he working with a behavioral therapist? Is it possible to change the school environment or to try homeschool? What else have you explored?

Also, do you have an advocate to work with the school for accommodations? I'm trying to get a sense of the fuller picture.

Jem, there are a lot of terms here I am not quite getting. Bio doctor, bio meds, and pyrroles. When I look up pyrroles, I find a lot of pseudoscientific, non-authoritative sites, and then I find this: http://www.drbillsukala.com.au/nutrition/pyroluria-disease-myth/

The diagnosis does not appear to exist on any authoritative medical site, which suggest to me that you should run from this expensive doctor and this diagnosis and start again with a new doctor.

If the school is a public school, they have an obligation to provide your son with an education. If it is a private school, then perhaps it is time to try a public one.

For the kids I knew who had similar meltdowns in elementary school, activities that helped develop social skills and cooperation skills such as scouting and martial arts helped them over time. Once they got over the hump of their earlier years, they did okay. School has to be an active partner, though, and to be flexible.