Newly diagnosed- here is some of my story

Hello everyone

I am a newly diagnosed 41 year old female. I have had a 'rough' life, but have managed to bounce back each time I am thrown down- or do it to myself. I knew I had issues to work through and get past. I have been doing that for quite sometime now. I have had a very stable life for the last few years- allowing me to ACTUALLY work through a lot of my issues.

In January I got real honest with myself and knew there was something wrong and I had to find out what. My life is stable and extremely routine, my partner is AMAZING and I believe he unintentionally saved my life. I have a great life. great job. I have baggage and complications and valid reasons to be upset, but really things are good. So why do I feel like everything is falling apart now that it is really all coming together???

I have had my thyroid checked for the last three years. I have had every immune deficiency test out there. I have been tested for diabetes-- dr. thought maybe that's why I was getting up 6-10 times a night. And then I went to the gynecologist to make sure my hormones weren't completely our of whack.

All of these tests were negative- time and time again.

So, now I am here looking for information and support. I am still a bit in awe of this diagnosis. I really didn't believe this was a real thing for adults or most children. but the more research I do and personal accounts I read and assessment of my past-- I know I have ADHD and now I want to figure out how to live better with ADHD.


I know the path seems daunting, but hang in there! Remember that you are your own best advocate. Once you find a good doctor or therapist, the biggest challenge you are going to face is deciding whether you want to medicate or not. This is purely a personal choice for you. My brother and nephew are unmedicated and are perfectly happy with their choice. They have developed coping mechanisms and have learned to live happy lives. My son, on the other hand, could not make it through a single day of school without his medication, and doesn’t want to.

You seem to be very self-aware, and I am confident you will find a way to make it work!

Thank you! I try to be self aware because I really want to be the best person I can be. And it doesn't work to ignore it and just move on-- I KNOW that's true :)

I am taking Wellbutrin, and it has helped certain areas-- like sleep- wonderful, wonderful sleep. And I am not nearly as easily irritated as I was.

I have learned to cope with a lot of things on my own, and now I am getting into the tougher stuff- like being a responsible adult. And the meds and therapy are helping with that.

Thank you so much for your input!

Everyone needs someone in their corner cheering them on! :wink:
I once asked my brother what one thing his relationship couldn’t survive e without and his answer surprised me. His family uses a synced calendar (now… it used to be a physical calendar in the kitchen). They made a rule that if it wasn’t on the calendar he wasn’t held responsible for forgetting & if he didn’t put something on the calendar he couldn’t get mad at his family for not going…
Hang in there!

I just read about something like this. I ALWAYS have a calendar up- jam packed. I just discussed this idea with my son, and now we're going to implement it. *fingers crossed* I love getting the feed back!! thanks again!