Need some advice!

Ive struggling a great deal at work lately. Ive been taking my medicine everyday like im supposed to. I have always been a very driven, hard person my whole life. However her in the past week or so while im at work my drive is just about gone. I get my work done, it takes me all day instead of a few hours. I just dont feel like doing anything at all. I find myself wanting to other things then what i need to get done, it almost feels like i dont care if i get it done or not. Its driving me nuts because it not like me to act/feel like this. Ive also been very tired, and little cranky lately towards certain people (have no idea why, they havent done anything to me) and basically just in a blah kinda mood all the time. Ive tried different things to get my out of my funk and tired different things to help me refocus at work, but everyday it starts right back up. Anyone have any suggestions?

Purple, could it be burnout? How long have you been in the same position? Do you need a new project or slightly different role?

Maybe, I started this position in January of this year. When im focused, i do a lot of walking and running around all over my job complex so it definitely keeps me busy and going, but here lately i just cant seem to find want/need/energy or what have you to get up from my desk.

I wonder if exercising more might be able to help get your energy levels back up, pg.