Mothers day wishes!


Happy Mother's Day to you, too, SK!

For Real!

Dancer mom , recievd ur resp does soun so frustrating and so easily misunderstood what ur daughter went through, has she successful ly been prescribed any thing? anafranil &aderall when been able to get, /one councelor I had to drop,started saying I was basically delusional . To my concern I told her to watch that what I’ve said “has happened . In her life we’ll never u know what saying “never can get ya, r me I shd. Say, well it’s documented now I’m not the big 'Delusional. This slowed my progress up greatly, for seekin help don’t forget I have Multiple Sclerosis, going back 4 more testing lil over a week,thank goodness I could see” what was happening. What is it called when u can’t” see what’s in front of you?? Icee

We're in process with that right now, Irene. I'll keep you posted.