Is it adhd or something else?

My son when he gets really upset he tends to curls into a ball and start rocking also tends to drools when crying. He tends to try to eat string, pennys, clothes, paper. When something is moved in his room he gets very mad about it. Does anyone have any ideals what to do to help and is this commen with adhd?

Hi Hanna,

I can relate to the 'chewing'. My grandson chews on plastic lids, wooden popsicle sticks, his shirts, and just about anything he can get his hands on. His teeth are a mess, and will cost my son a fortune to get straightened, I had thought it may be about the teeth, but since you posted this, I guess not.

They are supposed to take him to a new Doctor, so I am ever hopeful he can be helped. I know this is a tremendous concern for all parents and grandparents and I hope that medical science has some solid solutions.

Hi Hannah,
I’m certainly no medical expert but since they put me through the whole “diagnostic wringer” I ended up doing some research and what you’re describing kind of sounds like autism spectrum to me- not clear on the chewing though, read about it somewhere,it has another name I just can’t remember. I like researching stuff so, as long as you don’t take my word only on anything medical, I could do some digging. If that would help you at all.
Have a wonderful day and take good care of yourself :slight_smile:

Thank you aaron33 and sk. Sk I hope they can help your grandson out. Aaron33 I dont mind the help just as long as I can get some help with how to help my son.

I’ll try to find something over the weekend. At the very least you might have a new idea to pitch to the experts to get your son some help.

Thank you so much.

You’re more than welcome. Personally, I feel there’s nothing worse than not knowing what it is you’re suffering from( or a loved one), ergo not being able to take constructive action. And, believe me, I’ve been there. When I do find something, do I leave the info here, or on your profile page, or more private?

More private please

Personal message- I think that’s possible via the profile?

If its possible but if not on here will be ok.

Just be sure to 'friend' each other. The way this system is set up, you have to be 'friends' to send a private message.

Good luck to you, Hanna.

Thanks for the help, :slight_smile: I was a bit lost just now…gotta go. Me, late( darn you, impulse control, when will I ever master you?!):wink:

The name for consuming things that are not food is pica. It is a little different from chewing on things to relieve stress. I had completely forgotten, but this discussion reminded me that my son used to chew his shirts at school until they were soaking wet in front and actually had holes in them. The school OT said he was doing it because he needed the stimulation or "feedback," indicating that the school environment was under-stimulating for him. Hanna, your son would benefit from a professional evaluation. Start with your family doctor, and see about a referral to a child psychologist familiar with ADHD and ASD. Please keep us posted.

Thank you dancermim

Whoa, my weekend just freed up again. Pica, that’s it. Now, what do I do with all the built- up energy…?:slight_smile:

Lol. You can do house work

House work? Hmm…I’m sorry, what’s that again? I might have to give the place a triple-over (is that a real word?don’t think so :wink: ) and then some! :slight_smile:

No, I think he will go dancing instead of housework! How about it aaron?

aaron, you are so right it is called pica, and here is some info on it. Before you get too involved with what they list as a cause, be sure to keep reading, especially when they inform that this could be caused by or a factor of low iron levels, but I suppose it could be ADHD.

Hanna, please keep in mind that we are not attempting to diagnose, as that is for the Doctor to do, but the more we know, the better armed we are when we speak to them.

Dancing would be great right now! Trying to find some form of exercise (aside from taking long walks…)I can do while technically not allowed to exercise- post- op complications :frowning:
wailing veeery loudly :wink: