My 7 yr old daughter got diagnosed a few months ago, she is on meds and not sleeping on one hand she is better concentrating, school grades are going up but she is not sleeping well at all and seems to be getting depressed alot saying things like " her life is going to be really bad". It’s breaking my heart. I didn’t give her meds this afternoon in hope she will sleep tonight. I think her lack of sleep and not eating 100% is affecting her emotional being. some advise or similar problems would be good.

It’s the same with our daughter. We now give her melatonin about an hour before bed time. It’s helped naturally get a good night’s sleep.

Oh regards to food. We’ll that’s a whole other issue. No matter what she has to eat a little something every 2 hours. Otherwise her blood sugar gets too low & we have other issues. It’s a very hard trade to have her on her meds & learn how to manage the side effects. Easier said then done.

New medications can be a big adjustment, and you might be questioning the use of this particular medication. Communicate with your daughter's doctor until you feel your concerns have been addressed. Did the doctor advise what to do about her sleeping and eating problems? So many of our members will attest to difficulty finding the right medication for their child, and it's tough because the hope is always for positive results. It takes lots of patience and teamwork, and loving parenting. I've read so many eloquent posts, straight from the heart, acknowledging our efforts to do what is best for our kids. That's what you're doing.

Ask your daughter why she thinks her "life is going to be really bad". Seven year old children are influenced by lots of other kids, their teachers, and stories about movies and books you've never heard of. I'm suggesting that you consider how she's expressing her opinion - hers is a big statement. Even if she did hear the phrase somewhere else (it breaks my heart, too) maybe she has a tangible fear to express and you can find out what it is. Or maybe she really is describing a feeling. What were her moods and feelings like before she started the medication? Share your observations with the doctor. You know your kid. I hope both of you are feeling better today. :)

Melatonin worked great for us as well. 3 mg quick dissolve tablet under the tongue at bedtime.

Eating is always a struggle for us. I try to get as big a breakfast in to him as possible before he takes his meds and usually give him Nestle "Instant Breakfast" in whole milk with it to bump up his calories. But he doesn't eat very much lunch when he is at school. It is something we just need to stay on top of all the time.

Good news is that the meds are working for you guys! The adjustment gets easier over time.