Guanfacine and insomnia

My nine-year-old daughter has just been recently diagnosed with high of functioning autism and ADHD. She started ritalin 5 mg twice a day about two weeks ago for the ADHD. Last Friday she started guanfacine. The pharmacist recommend taking at night as it could cause sleepiness. It has had the opposiye effect. She has been going to bed late waking up in the middle of the night and getting up early. I have also increased her melatonin to 3 mg. I was wondering if anyone has had success in giving Guanfacine in the morning only.

My seven-year-old son is on Guanfacine (2mg) and we found the best time for him to take it is in the morning. We found if we gave it to him at night that he needed the Melatonin to help him get to sleep. Also by the time he was heading out the door for school the effects of the medicine weren’t as strong as if he was to take it right before school. He is not currently taking Melatonin and wakes up maybe once during the night. I hope this helps.

Thanks. We have now switched her to clonidine. Only problem is I don’t get why it is given at night only. The effects wear off by the time she gets up.