Could you please recommend some foods for my son who is diagnosed with ADHD recently?

i think a healthy diet is enough. never let your son be habitually eating the same thing. have a balanced diet. hihi

I agree a balanced diet is enough. We don’t have any “NO” foods. My son is 15 and likes coffee now. I would say the only thing that we do is limit caffeine in any form. It can react with ADHD meds. Balance and moderation works well for my son.

I like the idea of variety because it's a good way to find out what you like best.

Popular with my sons: cauliflower and brussels sprouts. Go figure. Nuts and trail mix to carry in a backpack or bookbag. Steamed (with a little salt) green beans at room temperature always disappear as a snack. Apples and bananas are easy but they like fruit. My sons are older and know something about nutrition and have created healthy preferences on their own.