Focalin XR - has anyone tried it?

So I know I haven't been on here much, but I have been having computer issues. My son, Chad, is in 5th grade and struggling more than ever. He has ADHD Inattention Disorder plus some issues with working memory. We finally have made the decision to have him try medication. I struggled because I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and take medication that affects my brain and just don't want to see him go through anything like I do. However, the poor kid works so hard and just spins his wheels. His doctor explained so many things to me today and helped me to feel better about our decision. I am just wondering if anyone has tried Focalin XR? Thank you!

I'm probably not the right one to give input here, Debbie, as that was the medication my daughter had a really bad experience with, also in fifth grade. I felt like we had fallout for years just from a trial of a few weeks. I will say only that if your son shows any symptoms of high anxiety, panic, OCD, or tics on the medication, to stop that minute and don't continue the doses. I do not believe my daughter's experience was typical, and I hope your son's experience is altogether different.

I know what you mean about the spinning wheels, though; I remember that, too. I hope it will encourage you to hear that my daughter, though unmedicated, is now a very independent worker who turns things in on time. It takes her longer than some, but she gets things done. Maturity really helps, sometimes.

Oh I'm sorry that happened to your daughter! I am very nervous and have tried to avoid this but he is not going to make it. There is so much more involved than his lack of organization and paying attention. He has some LDs and the ADD is keeping him from working through those. I am just confused and my dad is really mad we are going the medication route, but it is worth a try I HOPE. He is scared, too but I told him there were a few things to watch for. He sees me take meds and have issues that pass, so knows it is normal. But I told him to tell me if he feels anything different right away so I know whether it is serious. I take it you did not try a different medication after that experience?

No, we were too freaked out to try anything else. And, she copes well enough without it now that she is older. We switched to homeschool for middle school, and that helped. Now she is at a boarding school for high school.

There are many here who have really been helped by medications, and I hope some of them will weigh in, whether it was Focalin or a different med.

It somewhat common, I think, for kids to have tears when the medicine is wearing off. I have heard that if you get through the first few weeks, that issue subsides. Keep us posted, Debbie!

Hi Chad's grand-dtr who is in the 7th grade now started on Adderral in the 5h grade and it has helped her alot!! She takes it in the morning before school so it has kicked...She use to be soooo non focused and kind of 'annoying' but now acts very grown up and quiet...sometimes I thiink too quiet an I miss my 'old' Lauryn who was loud and obnoxious! ha

I too was wondering if this is something the children outgrow and will be have to be on meds forever. It has cut her appitite very down and she has lost alot of weight, altho she was really chubby, or too much for 12 years old....she was just hungry alllllll the time.

I too have trigeminal nuralgia and had the microvascular decompression surgey done in 1992 (I am 65 now) in Pittsburgh with Dr. Peter Jannetta, the one who invented the surgery...he is retired now. There is a good book which was my bible called Working in a very Small Place by Mark Sheldon which is good. I now take Baclofen 20 mg 3 x day and Trileptal 150 mg 2 x day as the TN came back last