Fighting sleep for no reason?

Hi all! Quick question: I find myself fighting falling sleep even if I’m exhausted. I guess I don’t want to miss anything. I’ve done this since i was a kid but its really bothering me lately because ill get about 3-5 hours a night for a week or 2, When i finally crash, ill sleep for almost 20-30 hours every other week. Its not the vyvanse keeping me up, because if i allow my eyes to shut, ill knock out asap. Is this normal? Any self talk tips? thanks much!!! :slight_smile:

Hi Victoria,

Are you taking any other medications? Any at all?

thanks for sharing Victoria!

I have found something interesting since I have recently diagnosed with ADHD. My Doctor at the same time wanted me to be checked for Sleep Apnea. I said ok and took equipment home.
Wore big wrist bracelet with 2 sensors to put on thumb and third finger. Turned in and lo and behold I do have Sleep Apnea! I am on CPAP and slowly getting better sleep and have been able to cut down on My ADHD medication! My Dctor was not surprised at all. He said He has been really surprised how many times this has happened in his practice. There are studies that support ADHD +Sleep Apnea can go hand in hand a good deal of the time.
That being said does not mean this is true for everyone. I have had sleep problems since a child. I now have been diagnosed with sleep disorder for appox 25 yrs. not sleep apnea.
Now back to your sleep issues you might consider being tested for any sleep problems. I do a “nesting” routine “A circle” like dogs. Lol I call it the “wind down” routine bedtime rituals. I
take appox 1-2 hours. I know sounds long but it allows to lock up,turn house in,wash afew dishes, put things in order in house get myself ready without any time pressure or hurry. I do not look at clock. Get CPAP ready,do word search,watch a favorite TV program, snuggle in bed. No rush or hurry.
My problem is slowing down to relax. Scent of Lavender I have used before and I liked. Some people

bath or shower,lotion etc. I even brush and love on my dog every nite before bedtime.
The reason I mentioned sleep problems is what you may need to factor in the equation is QUALIY of
sleep. You can sleep but how much are you really getting of the right kind. I denied I had sleep issues years ago and I found differently.
I had your problem many years ago and now much older I look back and realize that was a clue “for me” for ADHD and SLEEP DISORDERS! My husband had to sit on me to slow me down and then I could sleep i thought! I was not taking Medication at that time.
After telling you a short story! Lol. Lol. I would suggest bath or shower not too hot! That can possibly affect your sleep/ water to warm. Start a routine for a “wind down to bed” which can include something to pamper yourself, slows you down, make sure you LOVE your bed. Nice sheets,soft lights,change or add new colors to your room make it inviting and nice,comfortable,nice light scent. What ever works for you to slow yourself down. Consider what to get better quality sleep consistently. Much care. squeeze
P.S. I forgot to tell you to get new cute or lovely (whatever you wear to bed) Target,Walmart,Macy’s,Nordstroms or online. Turn over about a season or yearly. Of course I still have my favorites I have had for long time. I use when I feel bad,sad or sorry for myself!, lol. Lol

Really interesting -- thanks for sharing this, Squeeze!