Do you think teachers are well prepared to teach students with ADD/ADHD?

...apparently not so in Ireland...:

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I don’t know what teacher preparation is like now, but it seemed like my son’s teachers expected him to do things on his own and succeed like students without a disability. I can only imagine that teachers are misinformed by the school systems themselves, because what my son’s psychologist recommended was always argued, and what books said were good approaches were not implemented. It was in impossible situation in high school, where teachers, special educators, student, and parents were pitted against each other. Maybe if teachers themselves were better prepared for ADHD, my son would have experienced success rather than failure.
He is doing better 5 years later, now attending college.

Correction: some special educators and some administrators. There are always good folks in the bunch. It’s important for a parent to have good communication with allies at school because school is such an important part of a child’s life. My son would not participate when he sensed unresolvable conflict. Not all kids with ADD/ADHD need special education, but all children need good relationships at school, and between parent and school.
Anyone from San Diego? I hear they have a successful model. I’m in Seattle, and we struggle without good leadership.

At least in New York City and at least in my experience, they are awful about it.

I had issues with concentrating and getting stuff done for years and not once did someone say "Maybe this kid has ADHD. Maybe. At least look into it."

I think I had all of the classic signs. For instance, when something did interest me, wild horses literally couldn't have dragged me away from it.

It apparently didn't once occur to a single teacher I had. They just assumed I was being bored and disrespectful.

I had massive issues with math. My math teacher just laughed at me for being awful at it.