Conserta reviews

hello, my 8 year old son has just being diagnosed with ADHD. he starts his first course of conserta tablets 18mg next week. I am just concerned of the side-effects of conserta.

see the following link for any drug information: RxWiki

On a practical note: the prescribing doctor and your pharmacist are the best sources of information - especially a Pharm.D. pharmacist - they know more about the drugs than the prescribing docs.

I am a clinical Psychologist, not an M.D. My first suggestion almost always is first to try the elimination diet which is not adding more chemicals in the body but reducing unnecessary chemicals which may be causing the ADD/ADHD symptoms. But some cases or situations may require medication and I see such young and older adolescents and adults. The main ingredient in Concerta is Methylphenidate. Adderall is another medication which has Methylphenidate s the active ingredient. The coatings and other things which alter when and how the medication is processed in the body is what makes each medication different. There are a few kids who may have some adverse reaction to the medication but so do some people to something is prolific as aspirin. I wouldn't be too concerned unless there are some general medication sensitivities in the family genetic history. If so it would just require a little further discussion since different drug classifications may or may not require an alternative medication.

My son was on Concerta from the age of 14 until he was 17. The only side effect he got was nausea, but this was enough for him to stop taking them after exams were over as he felt he didn’t want to have the nausea nor take an antiemetic for the nausea.
The benefits of the drug were;
The school assessed he wouldn’t pass any GCSE’s and he passed 3 :slight_smile:
Home life was easier for both him and the rest of the family as there was less frustration for everyone.
As my son was older than yours it was his decision whether to take Concerta or not so I didn’t have the pressure of making that decision.
Good luck :slight_smile:

thank you

Individuals respond differently to meds. Take a few notes on whatever your child experiences that could be a side effect, so he and you can inform the doctor. Sometime there is trial and error, sometimes a medication works out from the beginning. You're just getting started - it's great you're here for some support :).

Everyone is different. i found that when i was on it I would get extremely irritable

Ashie, how’s it going with your son’s medication?

I know someone who has 2 kids on Concerta, for many years. They did very well. I'm an adult considering trying Concerta.

How are things going with you son?