Biphentin and Anxiety

I recently switched my son from Adderall XR on to Biphentin. The Adderall worked well for a year, but when we had to increase the dose, he started getting a lot of stomach pain.

The biphentin didn't work as well initially, so we increased the dose over the weekend. Now my son seems to be having anxiety.... He sort of seems to have a panic attack over odd things (He smells something funny, the toilet water is blue and looks like poison, etc). He was never what I would call a "laid back" kid, but this seems out of control

Anyone know if this is a temporary side effect, or if I should be pulling him off right away?

My daughter experienced similar effects on Focalin years ago. We took her off of meds altogether. Whether it might have stabilized over time, I don't know. Unfortunately, her intrusive anxious thoughts have persisted, especially during times of general stress.

My son has been on Biphentin for 4 years. He takes 40 mg in the am. He has never had this side effect. The only side effect he has from it is loss of appetite. I would strongly suggest you call the doctor and also call the pharmacy. I has been my experience that a pharmacist call tell you more about a med than anyone. Good luck with this. I hope your son will be ok.

Thanks Everyone.

We spoke with our pediatrician yesterday and it seems that for kids that have a tendency to be anxious, Biphentin can increase their anxiety. We have taken him off these meds immediately.

So we are back on the Adderall XR again for now. It works "okay" for him. I was just hoping for something that controlled his symptoms better.

I guess it is always going to be a struggle. Sometimes it is hard to think that he is going to have to deal with this for his entire life.

What is it like as they grow up? My son is 7 years old now..... Does it get easier as they get more mature?

Nic MacJay said:

What is it like as they grow up? My son is 7 years old now..... Does it get easier as they get more mature?

It might get easier in some ways for some parents and kids, but for me it was hard when I tried to figure out how much responsibility was his as he grew, and how much he was truly capable of. I also learned that I needed to ask him how he felt about things as well as just asking if he'd finished his work... That sounds obvious but once my son told me it seemed all I cared about was school. I think a close loving relationship with kids make good times sweeter and the tough times possible to navigate together. You can assume you won't always be able to predict how it's going to work out :). My son still loves me :), so it worked out fine for both of us.