ADHD and asthma

my daughter Aingeal got her results today from her QB test and she does have ADHD (already new this) she also has asthma doctor told me today with her asthma they need to be careful what meds she’s put on. Was just wondering if anyone else child has asthma and ADHD and did you have any problems with the new meds

I have ADHD and Asthma. Ive never had any issues with my asthma or any meds. Does your daughter have severe asthma?

Yes Jackie she has severe asthma she’s needs hospital treatment every 3/4 weeks for it

My son is 3 and he has ADHD and asthma. He is pretty well controlled right now though. He was on Qvar everyday since he was 10 months old for his asthma. We have been able to wean him off the Qvar since the end of March this year. He was put on guanfacine in February for ADHD. He didn’t have any issues with the Qvar or albuterol. I would ask your child’s pulmonary doc just to be sure.

Some medicines can aggravate anxiety, and maybe that aggravates asthma symptoms? Let us know when you find out.