6 year old meds-problems!

Of my 3 ADHD kids, two are doing well on different doses of Adderall. We are really strugglin to find something that works with our 6 year old. He has tried Biphentin, then added clonodine. After 3 weeks on this combo, he was more focussed, but started vocal tics. Kept up with it for a bit longer and the tics changed to facial grimmacing. Took him off Biphentin and the tics stopped. We tried Vyvannce and the focus came back strongly, but so did the tics. Stopped the Vyvannce and clonodine. Started Risperidal. No tics. No focus. Hyperacttive to the max. Tried the Biphentin with the Risperidal. Tics again. Increased the risperadal. stopped biphentin. Three weeks ago we added Intuniv 1mg to the risperidal. Initially, he was SO tired that he fell asleep in chairs and on the floor in the middle of the afternoon. That side effect ended after about 10 days. Going back to the ADHD clinic on Monday. At the moment, he is whining, tantrumming and meliting down at everything. He has no greater focus, no less impulsivity and has started a hand smelling tic. Grade 1 starts in 4 weeks and he cannot sit for 7 minutes and work/play without support. I am desperately afraid for the school year to begin. Has anyone had any similar experiences? Any advise? Also has anyone tried a natural supplement called 'Focus Formula'? Help!

I haven't had those exact problems, but I also have a six year old who is on his third medication. He is going into 1st grade in a couple of weeks.

He started on Intuniv. The school sent him home for sleeping in class. Then he switched to Quillivant. It worked at first, but then he needed more, and he needed it twice a day. It was a liquid, so it was easy for him to take. Just before summer, I switched him to the patch, Daytrana. It seems to work better overall, but he doesn't eat while he's on it. So, I'm not sure if this is a good long term solution.

I've tried pretty much most of the over the counter things: vitamins, omega 3s, oils. Nothing works on him.

Everything so far, for me, has been trial and error. Good luck!!

3Gkids, how was your son's clinic visit? I'm sorry you're so worried about school starting for him but there's still time and going back to school might be okay. Starting school was different every year for us. Best wishes to you and your son.

We have one very frustrated pychiatrist, and one very frustrated psycholiogist!! They noted the lack of change with intuniv and are shaking their heads about how to proceed. Finally decided to try a very small dose of Adderall XR (both his sisters are on the same med) - about 1/4 of a 5mg tab for a week, up to 1/2 a tab for another week while monitoring closely for tics. They made it clear that there was no way he could manage grade 1 in his current state. He can only sit for 5 minutes at a time, and during that time, he calls for me at least 3 times. They are talking about getting him a behaviuor label, which is something I do not want. If necessary, I guess I will be forced to home school for a year or so until he matures enough to manage another way! UGH! Oh well, at least we keep trying! Thanks for asking ArtFish!

My son has a 504 at school. In kindergarten they bought him a wobble chair because he can't sit still either. It's kind of like a chair with no legs and a round bottom. So, he sits by his classmates, and rocks and listens. It works for him, and allows him to focus. I also have in the 504 to give him "sensory" breaks. He can't sit in class all day, so sometimes his teacher would have him go return something to the office for her, or put a book back on the shelf. Any little thing to give him a break.