Symptoms of ADD/ADHD in Girls

Why do fewer girls with ADD/ADHD present with hyperactivity? Would anyone like to share how their own experience, or their child's, is similar to what this article describes?

She has most of it right.

Girls are less obvious because boys' behavior is more in front of your face. Boys over all are more active and so those that are ADD or ADHD are more so while girls tend to be more docile and their form of ADD and ADHD will be less obvious than boys.

She apparently has no knowledge about the Elimination Diet of Feingold. The incidence of diagnosis of ADD/ADHD is on the rise for 2-3 reasons:

1) Food additives - colorings and preservatives have multiplied over the years everywhere.

2) Pharmaceutical companies have been penetrating the market more and more - not only in the US but in the rest of the world.

3) Us culture has also become part of the rest of the world - and thus its over diagnoses of ADD/ADHD.

My daughter fit the framework of the article, as did my son. My son's behavior was more noticeable to teachers, but he had relatively little academic trouble. My daughter was always labeled as a "nice, quiet student," but her struggles had far more academic impact. Of the two, she fared worse emotionally as well. Both kids are now and I believe will continue to be highly successful in their chosen fields of interest. A school system that demands equal attention to all tasks, not matter of how little interest or relevance they may be, was very detrimental, but fortunately the working world is not set up the same way.